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Has your pet been medically diagnosed with allergies?

Allergies are an over-the-top reaction of your pet’s immune system. Genetics do play a role in the development of allergies; however, it is the environment your pet is exposed to, including the food your pet eats, that will decide to what degree the allergy is expressed.

Most dogs will usually have more than one allergy, which can be a combination of both food and environmental. For these reasons, my allergy diet is stripped back to its basic form for a period of 8 weeks. Herbs and probiotics will also be added to the diet to support the immune system. After 8-weeks, if there is an improvement, different proteins and other foods can be introduced back into the diet, and I will guide you through this.

If the allergy is environmental, you may or may not see symptoms improve, but implementing my 8-week allergy diet is going to give your pet a great foundation and starting point to heal the gut and boost the immune system.

I don’t have all the answers and Science have only partially mapped out the process of treating allergies in humans! My mission is to improve gut health and support the immune system with a healthy raw food diet, which overtime will hopefully control the expression of the allergy. Unfortunately, trying to maintain a histamine balance can be a lifelong battle and some pets may continue to have flare-ups throughout their life. It is important to note that every pet is completely different from the next and their healing journey will be unique.

I offer a free 20-minute phone chat to determine if my allergy diet is right for both you and your pet. Depending on the severity of your pet’s allergy, I may recommend you see a raw feeding vet.

Allergy Checklist

Food Allergies: are on the rise and usually relate to a common ingredient found in many commercial pet food diets including home cooked diets.

Food allergies are usually related to the most common proteins used in these diets such as chicken, beef, lamb and pork. Other common ingredients are eggs, wheat, soy, rice, dairy and fish. Heat treated food, especially protein, including preservatives found in many commercial pet foods are a common trigger for food allergies.

A food allergy usually occurs when a pet has been consuming the diet for a long period of time, and usually when the diet has been consistent with no variety. Many pet treats on the market are also a culprit.

Food allergies are more common in younger dogs, however, can be common in both dogs and cats of all ages. Symptoms include itchy skin which can be widespread on your pet’s body, or it may be just around the face, ears, armpits, stomach, genitals and feet. Other common symptoms include recurrent ear infections as well as gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting and diarrhoea. The only way a food allergy can be determined is through an elimination diet.

Contact Dermatitis: is when a substance in the environment comes into contact with your pet’s skin and causes an allergic reaction. The most common cause is from certain types of grass such as buffalo, couch and kikuyu and other ground covers such as wandering dew, as well as plants both inside and outside your home. Other causes of contact dermatitis can be topical flea and tick control, pet shampoos, carpet deodorisers, floor cleaning chemicals and herbicides (such as weed killer) in your garden.

Symptoms usually appear within 4-72 hours after your pet has been in contact with the offender and include severe itching accompanied with a red rash, usually on the belly and under the armpits where the dog has come into contact with the offender.

Atopic Dermatitis: is also a reaction to the environment and causes an allergic reaction when you pet inhales an airborne substance such as pollens from grass or plants, dust mites, or even mould.

There is a myriad of symptoms, however the common ones are itching (particularly around the eyes, muzzle, ears, groin, paws and armpits), chronic ear infections, inflamed skin including skin infections (usually from biting and licking the itchy areas), a greasy skin and coat.

Some breed dogs are particularly prone to atopic dermatitis (such as Labradors, Staffies, German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, Beagles).

About the Package…

Your pet is free from illness, such as heart, liver and kidney disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Your pet may have other health issues that I offer in my additional meal packages.

Your pet must be an adult, 12+ months for dogs and cats or 18-24 + months for large and giant breed dogs.

You may already be a raw feeder and want to ensure your pet is receiving a balanced diet, or you may be new to raw feeding.

My meal packages offer the traditional BARF style of feeding for cats and small dogs and a BARF diet with a twist suitable for medium to large breed dogs, or dogs of all sizes with a healthy appetite. A BARF diet consists of whole or minced raw meaty bones, muscle meat, fruit & vegetables, offal and a range of natural food supplements to enhance the diet. The diet is simple, convenient and easy to follow without compromising on your pet’s health.

You make the food yourself, so you know exactly what your pet is consuming. I always recommend human grade ingredients because if you can’t eat the food, then your pet shouldn’t either!

Once your pet has reached their health goal, you maintain it with the raw diet provided for the rest of their life.

For $249, my Customised Raw Meal Package includes:

  • 1st Phone Consultation – 60 minutes
  • 2nd Phone Consultation – 30 minutes
  • Up to 5 Email/Phone Support Post Consultation
  • Transition to Raw
  • 8-Week Meal Plan
  • Grams to Feed Per Day – including portions of each food group
  • Homemade BARF Recipe & Food Chart
  • Step by Step Visual Guide – how to make the food
  • Feeding Whole Bones – successfully achieving this goal
  • Whole Raw Bone Training
  • Additional Supplements Guide – to use during the healing journey
  • Additional Recommendations – reducing chemicals in your pet’s environment
  • Body Condition Score
  • Meal Diary
  • What to Expect When Your Pet is Eating Raw
  • Additional Customised Raw Meal Plan – when improvement occurs

Have more than one pet? I offer a discount for additional pets in the family!

Aftercare Consultation – $35.00 for 30 minutes

If you require additional support on your raw feeding journey, a fee of $35.00 will apply for each contact session, up to 30 minutes. Please note, you will need to book an Aftercare Consultation and payment will be required prior to the consult.

If your pet requires an additional meal package throughout their raw feeding journey, a further cost will apply at a 20% discount of the current cost of that meal package.

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