Please ensure you read the Consultation Conditions prior to booking/purchasing a customised raw meal package for your pet:

BARF Diet For Dogs & Cats

I am a qualified and accredited Nutritionist for Companion Pets (Dogs & Cats) and am a member of SAENA (Small Animal & Equine Naturopathic Association) and associate member of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT).

I provide customised raw meal packages for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Nutrition is in the form of a ‘biological appropriate raw food’ diet or ‘bones and raw food’ diet (known as the BARF diet).

I can help you identify the nutritional needs of your pet by providing advice and sharing my knowledge about the benefits of a raw food diet. My aim is to supply the best possible solution that fulfils the needs of both you and your pet.

All pets have different requirements and it is not a one diet fits all. There may be some minor changes and modifications to the customised raw meal package as your pet adjusts to their new diet.

My role as a pet nutritionist is to offer nutritional support to promote the health of your pet by focusing on well-being rather than the disease.

All diagnoses must be performed by your veterinarian as they are the specialists in this area. My role as a companion pet nutritionist is to evaluate the nutritional requirements of your pet.

Prior to any diet change, I recommend that your pet has a check-up with your veterinarian to ensure that there are no underlying health issues that you may be unaware of.

I do not create meal packages for pets with heart, liver and kidney disease, pancreatitis, diabetes or cancer, IBD (irritable bowel disease) and allergies (both food and environmental). My recommendation is to source an holistic vet that can help you with these issues (I can also provide you with a list of practicing holistic vets in Australia).

All consultations are via phone call or I can also offer FaceTime if this is your preference.

You must be an Australian Resident to purchase any of my Meal Packages. Currently, I do not offer Pet Nutrition Services to International customers.