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Health & Wellness Recommendations for a Healthy Pet

Is your pet currently ill?

Are you wanting to avoid illness?

Have you ever wondered why so many pets are suffering from inflammation and common health issues such as kidney disease, pancreatitis, arthritis, allergies, irritable bowel disease, anal gland problems, cystitis, struvite’s, diabetes and cancer?

It is estimated that an astounding 50% of dogs over the age of two will have cancer in their lifetime, an alarming statistic not to be ignored.

+ More than 50% of dogs over 10 years will get cancer

+ 80% of dogs by age 8 will show signs of arthritis

+ 1 in 5 dogs experience chronic joint pain

+ 20% of dogs get allergies

+ An estimated 80% of dogs have dental disease by age of 3

Genetics is a factor, however, disease in our pets is usually a direct link to poor nutrition, and exposure to toxins in their environment.

The good news is you can do something about it!

As a pet parent to your beloved fur babies, you can make intentional lifestyle decisions to enhance the wellbeing of your pet.

For $19, you will receive a detailed and comprehensive list of easy-to-follow ideas and solutions that you can implement into your pet’s life right now.

I have put together an easy-to-follow and effective list (in no particular order) to help keep your beloved pets free from environmental chemicals and toxins in and around their home.

If your pet is ill and you are not getting the answers you need from your conventional vet, I have also included a list of holistic veterinarians practicing in Australia.

And, if you decide to purchase a customised health and wellness raw meal package, I will deduct the $19 from the total cost.


Send me an email by clicking the link below to let me know that you are interested in purchasing my Health & Wellness Recommendations for a Healthy Pet:

I will then send you an invoice for payment.

Once paid, I will email you my Health & Wellness Recommendations for a Healthy Pet

It’s that simple!

Please note, I am happy to answer a follow up question that is quick and easy.

Any in-depth queries/questions will require an Aftercare Consultation – $35.00 for 30 minutes via telephone.

Please note, I do not comment on or critique raw diets that have been created by other nutritionists or pet food companies.