Choose this online package if:

  • You prefer the convenience of an online meal package
  • Your pet is an adult (from 12 months for cats & dogs or 18-24 months for larger and giant breed dogs)
  • You are currently a raw feeder who wants to ensure your pet is receiving the correct balance of protein, calcium and nutrients in the diet
  • You are already aware of the benefits of a raw food diet and have a good general understanding of the raw foods your pet requires but don’t know how to put it all together
  • You are the confident pet owner who is able to transition your pet to a raw food diet with a customised electronic step by step guide
  • Your pet is in good health –  free from disease – heart, liver & kidney disease, cancer, diabetes & arthritis and other health issues (including those listed in my health issues meal package)
  • Your pet is medication free
  • Your pet can handle dietary changes quite well
  • You want the convenience of a BARF diet that fits within your busy lifestyle

The meal plan is customised and will meet the nutritional requirements of your individual pet. You will be emailed the Customised Raw Meal Plan for your pet within seven days after purchase. You will receive:

  • Transition Diet – step by step guide, transition diet diary, FAQ’s, troubleshooting
  • 7-day meal plan
  • Grams to feed per day – including portions of food to be fed
  • How to prepare the meals
  • Making bulk meals
  • Where to buy the raw food
  • Feeding whole raw bones
  • Food chart – a list of ingredients required for the BARF meals
  • BARF recipe – includes nutrient guide
  • Body condition score information
  • Customised meal package diary
  • FAQ’s – frequently asked questions
  • Additional tips and information about the benefits of a raw food diet
  • Three months email phone/support

Package Value $129

You Pay $ 99

Return Policy: Refunds will not apply after 24 hours of purchase

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