Choose this package if:

  • Your pet is in good health and free from disease – heart, liver & kidney disease, cancer, diabetes & arthritis and other health issues (including those listed in my health issues meal package)
  • Your pet is an adult (from 12 months for cats & dogs or 18-24 months for larger and giant breed dogs)
  • You are currently a raw feeder who wants to ensure your pet is receiving the correct balance of protein, calcium and nutrients in the diet
  • You are already aware of the benefits of a raw food diet and have a good general understanding of the raw foods your pet requires but don’t know how to put it all together
  • You don’t know too much about a raw food diet but you are aware of its health benefits
  • You want to get your pet off their highly addictive and processed commercial pet food diet
  • Your pet is medication free
  • Your pet is able to handle dietary changes quite well
  • You want the convenience of a BARF diet that fits within your busy lifestyle

Because your pet is bright, alert and active I can create a customised raw meal plan to assist this healthy state throughout life

You will receive:

  • Convenient meeting place or phone consultation (approximately 1 hr & 30 mins)
  • Transition Diet – step by step guide, transition diet diary, FAQ’s, troubleshooting
  • 7-day meal plan
  • Grams to feed per day – including portions of food to be fed
  • How to prepare the meals
  • Making bulk meals
  • Where to buy the raw food
  • Feeding whole raw bones
  • Food chart – a list of ingredients required for the BARF meals
  • BARF recipe – includes nutrient guide
  • Body condition score information
  • Customised meal package diary
  • FAQ’s – frequently asked questions
  • Additional tips and information about the benefits of a raw food diet
  • Four months email phone/support
  • I offer discounts for additional pets in your family

Package Value $249

You Pay $139

Please contact Paw Health Pet Nutrition for more information on a Healthy Pets Customised Raw Meal Package for your pet.

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