How to have a happy dog – 6 USEFUL TIPS

Happy Dog

You have a beautiful dog (or fur baby as I like to call mine) and you want to give him or her the best possible life you can, because after all, they give you so much unconditional love in return.

It’s true that certain breeds do have a genetic predisposition (such as dental disease, prone to allergies or perhaps anxiety) but this definitely does not mean that the life of your best friend can’t be improved or extended with the right kind of care (and a whole lot a love) to improve health and promote longevity.

Most of my tips are common sense but some are positive changes that you can easily implement to help you to help your dog live a happy and healthy life!

#1 – feed a fresh raw food diet

This is my number one tip. Why? Because feeding a nutritious raw food diet is going to extend your dog’s life by preventing the onset of degenerative disease.

Do you think you would be healthy eating packaged food that is overcooked and laced with addictive chemicals and synthetic supplements?  Hell NO! Dogs need to eat similar to their wild ancestors and that means eating raw meat, raw bones, raw organ meat as well as raw fruit and vegetables and some natural food supplements to enhance the diet is the way forward to a healthy and happy dog. It’s that simple!


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#2 – exercise

We all know how important exercise is for us. Well, it is just as important for your dog too.

Your dog’s overall physical condition will improve health and contribute towards their longevity.

It is vital that your pet is able to exercise daily and is mentally stimulated with plenty of regular playtime (yes it’s true that dog’s suffer from boredom, depression and anxiety in much the same way as we do).

Regular cardio will provide a sound frame and will keep muscles and tissues operating efficiently and effectively.


If your dog is new to exercise, follow this easy tip:

Start with a light walk around the block, 2-3 times per week. Do this for a few weeks and monitor your dog in terms of how well they are coping with their new exercise regime (this will always be dependent on age, current health etc. don’t overdo it with overweight dogs).

The aim is to slowly increase the walking pattern from 2-3 times per week to daily. Try and aim for at least 20-30 minutes per day. For healthy younger pets, you can also add in some extra exercise in addition to walking such as running or chasing a ball.

With puppies, excessive exercise such as running or long walks during the growth stage must be AVOIDED as this can lead to hip dysplasia and arthritis in adulthood. To build muscle strength, exercise in the form of natural play is perfect

#3 – natural therapies

Where possible, I absolutely LOVE natural therapies to improve the quality of a pet’s life. I have used natural supplements and herbs for both me and for my pets and the results have been incredible.

Natural healing can rebuild, stimulate, regulate and adjust bodily function including the immune system, back to a state of harmony with the rest of the body.


Think doggie massage, Bowen Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, swimming and herbs. They are wonderful tools for healing all sorts of ailments from anxiety, stress, arthritis, inflammation, digestive issues and more. Please do your research and ensure you always seek professional help/assistance with a pet herbalist or naturopath before commencing.

#4 – protection from danger

I think this one is a no brainer for any fur baby parent! Always protect your dog from general danger such as other animal predators, people and traffic!


Ensure your backyard is completely secure so that your dog can’t dig a hole or jump the fence or other neighbouring dogs can’t get into your yard either. Some dogs are super smart and that means you always have to be one step ahead! The last thing you want is your dog roaming the streets while you are at work and even worse, being hit by a car.

PLEASE keep your dog indoors on New Year’s Eve. Literally hundreds of dogs flee their homes on NYE. The sound of neighbourhood fireworks can literally scare the heeby jeebies out of your dog enabling them to somehow get out of a secure yard. If you are out on the night, leave your dog indoors, perhaps in a secure room with the radio on to drown out the noise (this has worked wonders with my own pets).

Your dog should always be on a leash during exercise unless he/she is trained to understand verbal commands. Too many dog fights and attacks have been a result from an unharnessed dog.

#5 – safe travels

Another no brainer, when riding in the car, please ensure your dog is safely harnessed in the backseat. I mean you wouldn’t just sit your human baby in the backseat without any protection to keep them safe and sound, would you? So the same definitely applies with your dog.

Safely harnessing your dog in the car will prevent distractions and provide protection should you be involved in an accident. You can be fined in some states in Australia if a pet is found to be distracting and or sitting on a lap of a driver during travel.


As nice as it sounds to let your dog plonk him or herself down on any desirable seat, it’s just not safe. Always harness your dog safely in the backseat, not the front seat. This is because airbags can seriously injure or even kill a dog if there is an accident.

Purchase a reputable dog harness that has been crash tested (please do your research).

#6 – love

Ahhhh love…it’s the foundation of life and it’s what we all crave, including your dog!

This is my final tip but definitely not the least important – in fact, it should be right up there with raw feeding!


Is there really a solution? I mean how hard is it to give your dog the love they deserve? Your dog will love YOU no matter what…even if you don’t like the way you look right now, or perhaps you are struggling to make ends meet, or life just isn’t going the way you planned. Or maybe your life is fantastic and all is rosy in your garden! Great, but all that stuff just doesn’t matter to your dog because they LOVE you unconditionally! They are the LOVE experts and we can learn so much from them.

So what I am trying to say is this;  if you provide your dog with a whole lot a love, no doubt this will enrich your life (no matter what is going on with it) and in return, you will have the healthiest, most happiest dog on the planet. I promise you!

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