How to start feeding your dog & cat RAW

How To Feed Raw

If you are thinking about feeding a raw food diet to your dog, cat, or both, it can be quite overwhelming, especially with the myriad of information out there on Google, Facebook groups and the like.

Feeding a raw food diet is one of the best investments you can make for your pet, but it definitely needs to be done the right way to ensure your pet is receiving a balanced diet, and that means feeding a wide variety of foods necessary for health and longevity.

If you are wondering about how to achieve all of this, then I highly recommend you seek the professional opinion and help from a trained pet nutritionist before you embark on this important journey.

A trained pet nutritionist is just that, they have the skills and knowledge and most importantly, the qualifications to provide you with the best raw meal plan suitable for your pet. Professional advice will ensure your pet is receiving the right nutrients and proportions required to promote optimum health throughout the life of your pet.

A trained pet nutritionist can also assist when your pet has health issues such as a sensitive stomach, struvite stones & crystals, irritable bowel disease, and anal gland blockage, which all respond well to a change from commercial food to a fresh raw food diet.

More complex health issues such as cancer, liver disease, pancreatitis and diabetes can also benefit from a change in diet too, but I always recommend working with a trained veterinarian who is experienced in this field and also has the skills and knowledge of a balanced raw food diet.

The benefits of a raw food diet are nothing more than positive in pets of all ages, just look at this extensive list!

❥ a healthy and shiny coat without dandruff
❥ a reduction in doggy odour – less baths
❥ lighter and harder stools in appearance without the smell
❥ brighter, happier and more energetic pets of all ages
❥ loss of body fat and an increase in muscle mass
❥ better dental health – less tartar build-up and fresher breath
❥ healthy skin – a reduction in skin allergies, hot spots and itchiness
❥ healthy ears, less itching and infections
❥ better digestion – less flatulence, and a decrease in food allergies and IBD (irritable bowel disease)
❥ an improvement in mobility
❥ better hydration
❥ a resistance to fleas and intestinal parasites
❥ an improvement in behaviour issues
❥ an improvement in immune function
❥ an increase in life expectancy
❥ less vet appointments

My meal plans are based on the BARF diet (biological appropriate raw food diet or bones and raw food). The diet consists of raw meaty bones, muscle meat, fruit & vegetables, offal, and a range of natural food ingredients to enhance the diet.

I have created the diet to be as simple and as convenient as possible without compromising on health. I offer the traditional BARF diet for small cats and dogs and a BARF diet with a twist suitable for large breed dogs, or dogs of all sizes with a healthy appetite!

A traditional BARF diet usually includes a minced version of the raw bones, but I highly recommend feeding whole bones for optimum dental health. Did you know that chewing on raw meaty bones also strengthens the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles in both your dog & cat? Raw meaty bones are Mother Natures toothbrush for your pet but also provide both exercise and mental stimulation.

The minced version of raw bones is recommended for senior pets and pets that do not have all their teeth.

Every pet is unique and that is why I customise the diet to suit the needs of growing puppies of all breeds & sizes, growing kittens, fussy pets, healthy pets, miniature or giant breed pets, pets of all ages and pets with health issues.

A raw food diet will require a little bit of your time and effort, but the long-term rewards are undeniably worthwhile. It is a very empowering experience to be a big part of knowing exactly what your pet is consuming, making the food yourself, using human grade ingredients and always choosing Australian produce where possible.

Plus, you have me to help and support you along the way to make it all possible!

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