Choose this package if:

  • Your kitten is 10 weeks or older
  • You are already aware of the benefits of a raw food diet and have a good general understanding of the raw foods your kitten requires but don’t know how to put it all together
  • You don’t know too much about a raw food diet for your kitten but you are aware of its health benefits
  • You want to get your kitten off their highly addictive and processed commercial pet food diet
  • You want a raw diet to be as simple & convenient as possible without compromising on health
  • You are currently a raw feeder who wants to ensure your kitten is receiving the correct balance of protein, calcium and nutrients in their diet for optimum health and growth

Kittens usually accept raw food with an abundance of enthusiasm as they don’t have the ingrained habits of a commercial or home cooked diet that an older pet may have. I will customise a raw meal plan that will provide the essential nutrients to promote and support growth to adulthood!


You will receive:

  • Convenient meeting place or phone consultation (approximately 1 hr & 30 mins)
  • Transition Diet (if needed) – step by step guide, transition diet diary, FAQ’s, troubleshooting
  • 7-day meal plan for the different stages of growth & for achieving variety in the diet
  • Grams to feed per day – including portions of food for your growing kittens specific needs
  • How to prepare the meals
  • Making bulk meals
  • Tips & advice on where to buy the food
  • Growth plan information
  • Feeding whole raw bones & how to successfully achieve this
  • Ingredients list – foods required to use in the meal plan & recommendations
  • Recipe & nutrient guide
  • Body condition score information – keeping your pet at their ideal weight throughout life
  • Customised meal package diary
  • FAQ’s & troubleshooting ideas
  • Additional tips and information about the benefits of a raw food diet
  • An additional customised raw meal plan when your kitten is an adult
  • Four months email phone/support (or contact will remain until your kitten is an adult)
  • 50% discount for additional pets in your family
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